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Soccer Mom’s to CEO’s – 3 Tips On How To Be A Powerful Leader In The 21st Century

“Leadership has nothing to do with, forcing, fixing or changing. True leadership is a way of being, holding the vision, and to have people around you arise…that someday they can replace you with their greatness.”
~Ken Spohn


Powerful Leadership

As a leader you want to be the best. Soccer Mom’s to CEO’s you have a vision for the world.

We will begin and end with robust leadership assessment, this way we can identify specific needs and measure your progress. Each month, for twelve months, we’ll have three calls together.

On those calls we’ll discover what actions or non-actions were taken and what was in the way if they weren’t taken, Next you’ll set your own action steps for implementation. These assignments are due before the next call. After we determine your specific objectives I will provide you a list of resources that may help you further. In addition, we will be available to you anytime through text.

Business Coaching

As obvious as it may sound the definition of a business coach is often misinterpreted– a business coach specifically focuses on business related coaching and how smoothly all parts of an organization run.

A business coach requires specific training in order to work with business owners one-on-one. This type of coach encourages clients to focus on many goals including rejuvenating strategy, enhancing organization methods, determining marketing necessities and altogether strengthening the overall businesses productivity. Through both recognizing and helping solve current misunderstandings within the business they are also able to help resolve any future conflicts that may possibly arise.


Become A Coach

YOU are so excited about owning your own coaching business…the fact is you can’t wait to get out of bed and start your day. You know it’s your life’s purpose, and you want to share it with the world!

There’s a BIG problem, you’re not clear on your coaching business and who your market is. If your brutally honest, you have self doubt, wondering if you have what it takes to be a coach and have a successful coaching business.

All of this is putting a lot of stress in your life and you are probably in a state of paralysis, wondering what direction or step to take next. It’s not your fault, you just don’t know what you don’t know, and you know you can do this with a little guidance. You have put a lot of effort and thought into the this, and you also know you can’t keep doing the same thing, and getting mediocre results or none at all.